New Website

I am currently working on my new website, with all my illustrative, motion and design work.

www.tunnelout.co.uk is coming soon!

In the mean time, contact me at rayner.laura@googlemail.com
Portfolio at http://tunnelout.carbonmade.com/


Society Of Futopia

I have been collaborating with Gareth Barnett to produce visuals for a modern opera. He asked my to produce a small 'teaser' using photographs of the costumes he has designed and the synopsis he has written. I was also given the music to work from.


Video Hippos

I have created a series of short clips for Video Hippo's track 'Kool Shades.' As a band they like to provide live visuals at their performances, and i wanted to create clips they could potentially work into their vj-ing. Heres a little mix of the clips i have made.


Print Club London

Good news! I have been selected to be part of Print Club's poster show, 'Blisters On My Fingers.' The exhibition will take place 11th, 12th & 13th July in London.



'Edge' is the name given to the group of students due to graduate this year studying Ba(Hons) Visual Communication at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. We will be publishing a book and dvd of work later this year called 'Edge,' and producing a degree show in early June named 'On The Edge.'

Edge represents the being on the edge of disciplines. As a diverse group, we are always dipping and diving into a vast range of areas, including animation, film, photography, motion graphics, interactive, illustration, graphics, typography, web design and art direction. We see ourselves as a group that is not afraid to extend our specialisms, with no visible boundaries in what we want to experience and achieve.

We recently held an exhibition in the gallery at Gosta Green, in which i had the chance to exhibit my work for
New Generation Arts, and some illustration i produced as part of a music video for The Sequins' most recent single, 'Everyone Loves The Sequins.'

Become a fan of Edge on Facebook and keep updated here.

New Generation Arts Festival

Myself and some fellow students were asked to take part in the New Generation Arts Festival this year, creating work along the theme of 'Digital Utopia.' As a group of animators, film makers and interactive creatives, we designed our project around the idea of 'Chinese Whispers.'

The idea was to form networks between artists, passing on visual information to one another and influencing each others work. Each would create a short film after receiving one from a previous artist. As we set up chains for people to work within, i was picked as the first person to start one off.


Red TV

Red Tv was recently looking new idents for their television channel.
The channel shows reality tv shows, claiming to bring viewers 'closer to life.' My idea was derived from:

Life on Tv; Life on Red

I produced the ident using paper cut out illustrations and stop motion animation
Red Tv liked it enough to show it on their channel, which is brilliant news!